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Movement, Performance, Nutrition & Rehab 

What is Inertia?

physics : a property of matter by which something that is not moving remains still and something that is moving goes at the same speed and in the same direction until another thing or force affects it

The Inertia Method:

A collaborative approach to your health, life, and movement.

For those that are nervous about getting going or moving, those having a hard time re-starting after a setback, or those that want to continue to go and move but might need some help along the way, this process is for you!



Hey, I’m Logan

Health, Life, and Nutrition Coach, Physical Therapist,

Strength and Conditioning Specialist 

I believe in movement, connection, and making time and space for yourself. I believe in celebrating everything that our human bodies can do, whatever that means for you. I believe in getting started, in learning new things, and in keeping going, no matter what. Thanks for considering Inertia as your space to learn, grow, connect, have fun, and stay moving! 

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