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Packages & Services

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  • In-person and online training and physical therapy sessions 

  • Workout programming through the Inertia App

  • One on one movement and mobility coaching

  • Lessons on how to implement more movement into your day


  • 1 hour sessions currently being offered in Seattle for those needing personal training, physical therapy, or movement awareness and education


  • Online nutrition coaching including weekly video calls

  • Accountability and nutritional education

  • Information and guidance on how to optimize macronutrients for fitness goals & resources for finding foods that work for you


  • Online coaching offered for training, physical therapy, nutrition, mindfulness and general health and wellness

  • Video & phone calls

  • Integrated app for programming workouts

  • One on one messaging support


  • Breath work and mindfulness training

  • Journaling tips and prompts

  • Time auditing to re-prioritize your days

  • Recovery techniques 


  • A "life interruption," the most integrative approach

  • Includes all of the above*           (in person sessions in Seattle separate)

For information on rates and what services/package will work best for you, schedule a call HERE or send me a message below!


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Pre-scheduled, in-person

coaching sessions happen at:

1918 8th Avenue Suite 150 

Seattle WA 98101

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