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About Inertia

How does it work?

Offering both in-person and online coaching, Inertia is designed to be as convenient and easy to integrate as possible. Think of it as your one stop shop for exercise and performance, physical therapy, nutrition, mindfulness training, and general accountability.


Want to focus on just one of those things? Great!

All of them? Great!

I'm here to help guide you on your own health and fitness journey with my ultimate goal being to make you independent so you can maintain healthy habits throughout your entire life.

Never Stop
Moving, Growing,Learning

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It starts with a ripple effect.


The conscious decision to make a change and the commitment to give yourself the best life possible.


With a background in physical therapy, I saw a gap between what people achieved in rehab and what they were fully capable of. Frustrated by the reaction-centered approach of today's healthcare, I stepped away to create a more holistic, proactive, and preventative system to physical and mental health. It's an approach that is person-centered, with you involved in changing and maintaining a more healthy lifestyle every step of the way.

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Who are you?

The name's Logan.

First and foremost I'm a human. I love moving and challenging my body, learning, expanding my mind, and meeting and talking with other humans. I hike, travel, write fiction and poetry, snowboard, do adventure races, and am best friends with a dog named Finn.

I understand what it's like to have a desire to do something physically and to want to get health and fitness levels to a certain place.

That's why, with my background as a Physical Therapist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Nutrition Coach, and Mobility Specialist I decided to dedicate my career to using this knowledge to help you. I've worked with people from across the globe, both in person and online, and have come to understand we all want the same things: to be seen, and to live the best life that we can.

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